Marketing Meeting

I’ve been planning this official marketing meeting for a while, I’m not sure when we can have it — but I want to schedule it for a very open time… so possibly this or next Monday… Here’s the agenda, please read it: Agenda


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Monday Meeting Notes


  •  Followup email: Create standard letter —> to email —> standard letter + sample pictures + link directly to the myspace. (Brittany’s job) Implemented immediately. Remember to obtain emails from clients at the shoot. Another followup after they recieve the CD asking if they need any photos edited.
  • Edited photos: Good idea to send out only edited. Options: Long term outsourcing to a skin/light editor then doing the rest to establish “style”. Putting in the contract that no photos but the edited ones can be posted online (which means edited photos must be clearly defined by number on the CD). Look for ways to lock the photos. Potential editing classes? Most prominent changes that make the photo awesome — and just do those. Time is money. Some time of limit where every photo should be x number of minutes to edit. 20 minutes?
  • Workspace: Tomorrow–Mary meeting with IT guys. Three work stations immediately set up. Leasing space to us. Come in anytime anyday all the time. Fine to shoot models during work hours. Create track for dressing area. Sitting area w/ makeup, mirror, etc (rotating stool). Other side — photos, editing, technical. Set hours for Daniel & Omar — daily from 9 am to whenever your work is done.
  • Omar’s phone: Evaluating options…transition to AT&T!
  • Friday meetings: Among the team at the office. 12 this Friday.

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New categories

Hey guys!

I made it really simple for you — all categories are to your right.

So when your adding a potential or pending contact go to “booking” and it will bring you right there as opposed to having to scroll down and look everywhere for it.
Also, we’re going to start putting our task lists on-line thru this blog. All that will be under the category “current task lists” I’m going to put some together tonight for each of us. PLEASE ADD ON TO THESE ALL OF THE CARRY-OVERS FROM LAST WEEK’S TASK LIST THAT YOU DID NOT FINISH. Please print them off, by tomorrow night they should be pretty full of your and my to-dos.

Also, we have a meeting tomorrow with Mary. Please read this: monday-meeting-agenda tonight or at least before you get there. I’m going to send it to Mary also. Please, once again…remember to bring your folders (and pens!) and dress nicely. We’re not sure what time yet but we’ll hopefully know by morning.

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