Daniel Task List — 07-14 thru 07-18

Carry over:

 -Follow up with Katie
-Follow up w/ clients (template)
-Chris (website)


-Organize agency open call times and create Thursday’s schedule.
-Software that hooks up to computer
-Three new lighting techniques
-Inspiration pics (add to)
-Look up light meter ($?)


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Omar Task List — 07-14 thru 07-18

Carry over:

-Collect grad $$$


-3 new photoshop techniques
-Inspiration pics

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Brittany Task list — 07-14 thru 07-18

Carry over:

-Fan/black blinds
-Processes (financial, shoots –sheduling/evals/posting/delivery)
-Contact Art Institute


-Contacts (20)
-3 new makeup techniques
-Camera cord

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: Daniel : Week of July 7 – 11 :

Carry over:


This week:

  • Deliver Erin/Gabe CD by Tuesday, Tylers by Thursday, and Rachelle’s by Thursday
  • Set up a new time w/ Katie. Call her.
  • 3 lighting techniques
  • Follow up with Stefanie, Erin, Tyler, and Rachelle (once CD’s are delivered)
  • Prepare for Tuesday’s meeting
  • Call Ben ASAP — sell your service!
  • At least 20 contacts
  • Add inspirational pics
  • Ask Chris for website help (make this happen SOON)

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: Brittany : Week of July 7 – 11 :

Carry over:

  • Begin framework for business plan
  • Create framework for marketing meeting
  • Create set processes: Financial, Shoots (sheduling/evals/posting/delivery)

This week:

  • Create “potential model” contact template
  • Mission statement
  • Research Umbrellaseed shirt for ME
  • Research inexpensive cosmetic pallettes. . . artistry?
  • Add contract info: only post edited pictures.
  • Look for fan and black blinds
  • Followup template (make it engaging)
  • Print Rachelle’s pictures
  • Make sure all $$$ is deposited.
  • Have all processes/running deadlines printed and ready to post in the round room.
  • Couple shoot fee change in rate list? ($200)

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: Omar : Week of July 7 – 11 :

Carry over:


This week:

  • Collect graduation $$$
  • List of 3 new photoshop techniques
  • Finish editing your day’s shoots
  • At least 20 contacts
  • At least 15 places on the location list
  • Research maternity shoots

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  • Locations for Rachelle’s shoot/guaranteed studio space/correct lighting
  • Collecting the money from the graduation
  • Stefanie’s CD delivered to her tomorrow
  • A meeting among ourselves to talk about our task lists

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This week: June 30th – July 4th

Posted by: Brittany

>Omar, Daniel and I talked about changing couple shoots to $200 flat fee instead of $80 an hour, because they usually end up only lasting about an hour. . . what do you think? If your for it, we need to change the price list.

>Daniel, I need you to call Chris about doing the website–your mom said YOU need to call and ask him, and that he could do it on the time he works for your mom, so technically, he is getting paid. But please call him.

>Daniel or Omar, please put all portfolio pictures on the CD.

>Begin using your shoot calendar (the one where you put coordinating dates for delivery) starting Tuesday, July 1st… If I forget to give it to you… ask for it. =)

>Make sure ALL of the tasks on your task lists have been completed, and give them back to me… Everything should be marked off.. Its almost been two weeks since I gave you those.

>Daniel, please cash your checks and give the $$ to me to deposit. I got James cash today in the mail. So you guys are just as informed as I am, I’m going to create a finance tracking chart… that’ll be ready soon.

>We need to create a mission statement… Come up with a few yourselves on paper and we’ll see what we can do.

>Would it be a good idea to subscribe to Vogue? Let me know… Its not too expensive for a year… And I think it would be helpful.

>Post more inspiration pictures — do lots of research

 >Please use the message templates I posted to be making your contacts but check the “sent” ones because sometimes the picture doesn’t show up so check it. Shoot for ten a day — if you only make five, its no big deal, but I really need some help. I’ve made about 40 in the past two days.. you guys need to find some time to contribute.. It requires little of you (copying, posting, and filling out the captcha), so please search around myspace and look for random couples. We need to meet our July goal ($1000!).


We will now be having a quick Friday meeting at Mary’s work in addition to our longer Monday meetings. . .

The purpose: To do weekly evaluations and check up on individual and company progress in terms of contacts, editing, shoots, and other related tasks. It’s core purpose is to create a time and place where all of us are put on the line to project how we’re contributing to the company and fulfilling our roles as business owners.

When/where: In Mary’s boardroom on Fridays, probably at or around noon every week. (This week we’ll be meeting on Thursday at noon, because Friday is the 4th)

What: At these 20 – 30 minute meetings (“report out meetings”) you’ll bring in a task list that I gave you at the beginning of the week (I’ll start doing this every monday). Each of us will PHYSICALLY BRING IN the task lists and have a chance to talk about how you accomplished it. Mary is a potential investor, she needs to see that you have the ability to get work done quickly and efficiently, without excuses. These meetings will be crucial to the future. You will bring in that weeks task list, and any and all editing spreadsheets your currently working with, to discuss your progress on those also. This means you must keep everything organized (in your folders) and available at the times of the meetings. Everything must be updated, presentable, and ready to go each Friday. These meetings are essentially, our internal evaluations.

-Be there at the specified time on Fridays
-Be dressed as professional and nice as possible. Be presentable in a professional setting.
-Bring that weeks assigned task list
-Bring and editing spreadsheets your working with
-Bring these two things, plus blank paper and a pen, in your black folders.


Things are getting serious, fellas. We need to step up and do whatever it is that needs to be done. Seek things out, think hard about ideas and ways we can improve ourselves as a team, our processes, and our company in general. I’m going to get busy on the business model this week. Lets make it happen!

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Posted by: Brittany


>Change in Umbrellaseed myspace account name from danieljdillard@gmail.com to umbrellaseed@gmail.com… The password is the same. Use the new one to log in.

>I’m going to be completely handing off the editing process to the two of you, fully confident that you are capable of maintaining the process and making the appropriate deadlines so the product is in the hands of the client by the pre-determined date. Also, that you are capable of backing up all originals/edits and keeping them organized, easily accessible, and easy to reference.
I’ll create a monthly calendar for you, and with this calendar, I’d like for you to, when you have a shoot, write the client’s name down in the shoot date in blue ink, then write the coorelating due-to-the-client date in red. This will keep things efficient, professional, and error-proof. You can expect the calendar this week.

Priorities this week:

>Portfolios (begin printing this week/buy portfolios) — Next week compile and complete.
>Website — Wednesday 06/25
>Preparation for Amber Cheree’s Seattle shoot
>Finishing everything that was on last weeks task lists

Priorities/tasks for next week:

>Finishing the portfolios and getting into agencies as quickly as possible.
>Meeting our June goal
>Getting a solid foundation started for the business model


>Can both of you send me the excel/word document notes you took down for this Mondays meeting?

>We’ve got to figure out where we can get office space — daniel, keep us updated on what your mom says

>Please have the conversation with Julie that we talked about before….within the next day. Please do it by her official email or call her. Be professional, this is business.

>Lets make sure a few of Ruby’s pics are on the myspace by tomorrow, and one of you contact her and let her know when they are.

>Omar, I just made Angelina’s CD label, I’ll bring it with me tomorrow, so if you can have all those pics in one place we can burn it tomorrow — Daniel, please get in touch with her about when and where to deliver it on Thursday tomorrow.

>Daniel, I already talked to you about this but we need a list of THREE set locations in Seattle we can shoot amber cheree, even if they’re tentative. I also think we need to have a meeting about this one, and figure out the game plan and how we’re getting up there, etc. How about on Thursday?

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