Soon, we’ll be shooting ashley, who looks like this:

She has an awesome look, I’m really excited about her….
And these are the shots we’ll go for:

Get prepared for this one, it could be really good! I’m figuring out the shoot date with her now…



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You MUST edit these and send them today ASAP for Amanda. Send them back to her by email. This should’ve been done days ago on your initiative.

I was hoping you could turn pictures 198, 191, 172, 169 and 176 to black and white.  Would you be able to clean up my eyes in picture 46?

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We have four shoots booked this Saturday….with possibly another being added. We’re at $550 with Big Fish clients alone and $700 altogether this weekend! Great job!

We have a couple shoot lined up from myspace on Sunday @ 2:00, she wanted me to do her makeup but I won’t be here Sunday so I told her that, and hopefully she still wants to do it. I told her you’d meet her at the Rose garden  (she wants rose gardens and owens beach).

We have two ladies (good models) from model mayhem lined up, I’m waiting to hear back from them about their availability and one potential (Ashley) from myspace who, apparently, really wants to shoot!!

Also, keep in mind your shooting that blonde addiction girl on Saturday. Think of some ideas. We all should collaborate on choosing some inspirational shots for that. Remind me! =)

Daniel, could you check the calendar and make sure everyone is up there? I’m worried we’re missing someone, though I’m pretty sure we’re not. Thanks for adding the trainer up there! Does she have directions and everything? Don’t forget to call Shannon TODAY!

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